Ranking TOP1 18" Wavy 3 piece Clip In Extension Kit CHOCOLATE DARK - Color R6 $53 18" Wavy 3 piece Clip In Extension Kit Color R6 DARK CHOCOLATE - Beauty Personal Care Hair Care Kit,In,Beauty Personal Care , Hair Care,-,18",Clip,/jawab575049.html,DARK,nhacaithethao.net,$53,CHOCOLATE,3,R6,Wavy,piece,Color,Extension Kit,In,Beauty Personal Care , Hair Care,-,18",Clip,/jawab575049.html,DARK,nhacaithethao.net,$53,CHOCOLATE,3,R6,Wavy,piece,Color,Extension Ranking TOP1 18" Wavy 3 piece Clip In Extension Kit CHOCOLATE DARK - Color R6 $53 18" Wavy 3 piece Clip In Extension Kit Color R6 DARK CHOCOLATE - Beauty Personal Care Hair Care

Ranking TOP1 Large special price !! 18

18" Wavy 3 piece Clip In Extension Kit Color R6 DARK CHOCOLATE -


18" Wavy 3 piece Clip In Extension Kit Color R6 DARK CHOCOLATE -

Product description


Beat the heat in barely-there waves. You’ll make a splash in this 3 Piece Wavy Extension Kit by Hairdo set that is pre-styled with that beach-worthy wave. The pressure sensitive clips make it easy to pop in and out for some added length and fullness. The Tru2Life heat-friendly synthetic hair measures 18 - 20.5 inches and can be heat-styled to match your mood and vibe. 18" Wavy 3 piece Clip In Extension Kit Color R6 DARK CHOCOLATE - Hairdo Hairpieces Tru2Life Heat Friendly Synthetic Wavy Flat Iron Blow Dry Beach Waves

18" Wavy 3 piece Clip In Extension Kit Color R6 DARK CHOCOLATE -

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