Replacement Engine Coolant Radiator Max 63% OFF Compatible Type-S with W CL: Replacement Engine Coolant Radiator Max 63% OFF Compatible Type-S with W CL: CL:,Compatible,Type-S,Replacement,W,Engine,Coolant,/fogbow514222.html,Radiator,Automotive , Replacement Parts,$74,with, CL:,Compatible,Type-S,Replacement,W,Engine,Coolant,/fogbow514222.html,Radiator,Automotive , Replacement Parts,$74,with, $74 Replacement Engine Coolant Radiator Compatible with CL: Type-S W Automotive Replacement Parts $74 Replacement Engine Coolant Radiator Compatible with CL: Type-S W Automotive Replacement Parts

Replacement Engine Max 78% OFF Coolant Radiator Max 63% OFF Compatible Type-S with W CL:

Replacement Engine Coolant Radiator Compatible with CL: Type-S W


Replacement Engine Coolant Radiator Compatible with CL: Type-S W

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  • 2003 CL: Type-S With Temperature Sensor
  • 2002 CL: Type-S With Temperature Sensor
  • 2001 CL: Type-S With Temperature Sensor
  • 2003 TL: Type-S With Temperature Sensor
  • 2002 TL: Type-S With Temperature Sensor


    Engine Coolant Radiator. Core Size: 16 3/4 x 28 1/4 x 5/8. Outlet: 1 1/4. Inlet: 1 1/4. DPI: 2375. The radiator contains a series of small tubes through which coolant flows from the engine. A network of fins surrounds the tubes. Airflow through the grille when the vehicle is at speed, or drawn though by the fan when the vehicle is idling or at low speed, flows through the radiator. Heat is transferred from the coolant to the fins and to the cooler ambient air. If testing proves that your radiator is leaking, clogged, or otherwise damaged, don''t pay the high dealer price for a replacement, when you can get an quality radiator for much less from Replace. CA Prop 65 WARNING - This product can expose you to chemicals including hexavalent chromium which is known to the State of California to cause cancer or birth defects or other reproductive harm The most common reason for radiator replacement is coolant leakage, but a radiator can also fail because it is clogged or the cooling fins are damaged. Leaks that aren''t obvious can be detected with a pressure tester. Deposit buildup, usually caused by not changing the coolant at regular intervals, can clog coolant passages and reduce coolant flow. Debris buildup in the fins and fins that are bent over from impact will reduce airflow through the radiator. Any of these defects can cause reduced cooling system efficiency and engine overheating. In the past if you needed a radiator you had to pay for an expensive replacement from the dealer. Today you can fix your car or truck properly and have money left in your pocket with a quality replacement radiator from Replace. Replace offers quality radiators at le

    Replacement Engine Coolant Radiator Compatible with CL: Type-S W

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