$191 CCHH Multifunctional Mechanical Treadmill for Home 250+lbs Capac Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness $191 CCHH Multifunctional Mechanical Treadmill for Home 250+lbs Capac Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness CCHH Multifunctional Mechanical Treadmill for Home Capac 250+lbs Very popular Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,Treadmill,Home,$191,Multifunctional,CCHH,/fairer743154.html,250+lbs,Mechanical,Capac,for,nhacaithethao.net Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,Treadmill,Home,$191,Multifunctional,CCHH,/fairer743154.html,250+lbs,Mechanical,Capac,for,nhacaithethao.net CCHH Multifunctional Mechanical Treadmill for Home Capac 250+lbs Very popular

CCHH Multifunctional Mechanical Treadmill Colorado Springs Mall for Home Capac 250+lbs Very popular

CCHH Multifunctional Mechanical Treadmill for Home 250+lbs Capac


CCHH Multifunctional Mechanical Treadmill for Home 250+lbs Capac

Product description

Mechanical Treadmill Household Model Walker Multi-functional Folding
Non-electric treadmill, no power, mechanical walking machine.
The mechanical walking machine is driven by the friction between the runner's foot and the running belt. The mechanical treadmill can be said to be an active running equipment. Its power source is that the user generates backward thrust through the hips, knees, ankles and related muscles, and pushes the treadmill to produce movement.
The height of the armrest is adjustable, and the slope is adjustable in three gears to meet people of different heights.
Hold the heart rate test design, control the running speed by controlling the heart rate, and improve the sports effect.
Material: steel / foamed cotton / ABS
Running belt size: 100x35cm
Running board size: 80x40cm
Load bearing: 120kg
Dashboard: time / speed / distance / calories
1x mechanical walker
1. When the mechanical treadmill is in use, the running belt may shift, please adjust it according to the method in the manual.
2. You need to simply adjust the product when you receive it at the beginning, because the running belt and the running board have a running-in process just after leaving the factory. The elasticity of the running belt and the deviation of the running belt can be easily adjusted. .
3. There is a welding interface at the connection of the running belt, which is not a problem of quality workmanship and does not affect the use at all.
4. In the process of using the mechanical treadmill, there is the sound of the roller driving the running belt. The sound can be adjusted by adjusting the tightness of the running belt.
5. The slope of this treadmill is adjustable, and the inclined slope is more conducive to driving. Because of the slope, it is necessary to grasp the handrails at the beginning o

CCHH Multifunctional Mechanical Treadmill for Home 250+lbs Capac

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