$21 Tac Force Evolution Fixed Blade Knife - TFE-FIX004-BK Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness Tac Force Evolution Fixed Knife Max 61% OFF - Blade TFE-FIX004-BK nhacaithethao.net,Tac,Fixed,Force,Blade,Evolution,TFE-FIX004-BK,$21,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,-,Knife,/fairer514454.html $21 Tac Force Evolution Fixed Blade Knife - TFE-FIX004-BK Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness nhacaithethao.net,Tac,Fixed,Force,Blade,Evolution,TFE-FIX004-BK,$21,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,-,Knife,/fairer514454.html Tac Force Evolution Fixed Knife Max 61% OFF - Blade TFE-FIX004-BK

Tac Force Evolution Fixed Knife Max 61% OFF - Blade TFE-FIX004-BK Max 57% OFF

Tac Force Evolution Fixed Blade Knife - TFE-FIX004-BK


Tac Force Evolution Fixed Blade Knife - TFE-FIX004-BK

Product Description

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Knife Type Fixed Blade Folding Knife Fixed Blade Spring Assisted
Blade Shape Tanto Drop Point Drop Point Karambit
Blade Edge Fine Fine/Serrated Fine Fine
Handle G10 Nylon/Rubber G10 G10
Lock Mechanism Liner Lock Liner Lock
Sheath Kydex Sheath Kydex Sheath

Tac Force Evolution Fixed Blade Knife - TFE-FIX004-BK

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