Closure,with,Hair,8A,/deftly514164.html,Curly,Bundles,,Brazilian,$98,Beauty Personal Care , Hair Care,Alibeauty,Unprocess Alibeauty Brazilian Curly Hair Bundles Closure Manufacturer direct delivery with 8A Unprocess $98 Alibeauty Brazilian Curly Hair Bundles with Closure 8A Unprocess Beauty Personal Care Hair Care $98 Alibeauty Brazilian Curly Hair Bundles with Closure 8A Unprocess Beauty Personal Care Hair Care Closure,with,Hair,8A,/deftly514164.html,Curly,Bundles,,Brazilian,$98,Beauty Personal Care , Hair Care,Alibeauty,Unprocess Alibeauty Brazilian Curly Hair Bundles Closure Manufacturer direct delivery with 8A Unprocess

Alibeauty Brazilian Curly Hair Bundles Closure At the price Manufacturer direct delivery with 8A Unprocess

Alibeauty Brazilian Curly Hair Bundles with Closure 8A Unprocess


Alibeauty Brazilian Curly Hair Bundles with Closure 8A Unprocess

Product description

Size:18 20 22+16 Inch

1)Hair Grade:8A 100% unprocessed human hair weave,Brazilian curly hair with closure
2)Texture: Brazilian curly hair with closure
3)Hair Packageamp;Weight: Brazilian curly hair 3 bundles with 1pc closure free part.Each bundle is 95~100g, closure is 30-45g
4)Hair Material:100% unprocessed brazilian hair bundles with closure
5)Hair Color: unprocessed natural color
6)Hair Closure: soft Swiss lace closure free part 4x4inch 150% density
7)Suitable dying colors: all colors
8)Hair Quality: No Shedding, No Tangle,Full and Thick, Can be Dyed, Bleached and Straightened
9)Related products: Brazilian ,Peruvian ,Malaysian, Indian ,Mongolian, Russian virgin hair


1.Can be Restyled, Curled or Straightened?
The curls of Fladyhair is processed by high temperature and high pressure steam in special status , it can hold curls no matter how many time you wash.
Alibeauty hair is processed without the use of any chemicals., meaning that you can restyle them with ease. We recommend 150-180 celsius degree! Even human hair can be burned if the temperature is too high without proper time contral.
First, Find correct temperature for hair curling, we suggest you raise the temperature little by little to test it out.
Second, time contral is very important, we will suggest let the wand/curl sits on the hair around 3-5 seconds with proper temperature

2.How long does the hair last?
A:Generally , the life span of hair depends on how you take care of it. Treat it like your own hair and take very good care of it ,it will be more than 6-18 months. We suggest please try the conditioner with high quality, use less heat and let the hair air dry naturally

3.How Many Bundles For A Full?
3~4 bundles according to your head size and the effect you prefer, hair more than 18'' 4 bundles will be recommend. If you want full effect, 4bundle is necessary. 3bundle for small size head

Alibeauty Brazilian Curly Hair Bundles with Closure 8A Unprocess

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