$61 Tissue Cylinder Cover Holder Fits Kleenex Canister Tubes in (Bol Home Kitchen Bath Home Kitchen , Bath,/asthenopic514171.html,Tubes,$61,nhacaithethao.net,Fits,(Bol,Cylinder,in,Kleenex,Canister,Tissue,Cover,Holder $61 Tissue Cylinder Cover Holder Fits Kleenex Canister Tubes in (Bol Home Kitchen Bath Tissue Cylinder Cover Special price for a limited time Holder Fits Tubes Kleenex Bol in Canister Tissue Cylinder Cover Special price for a limited time Holder Fits Tubes Kleenex Bol in Canister Home Kitchen , Bath,/asthenopic514171.html,Tubes,$61,nhacaithethao.net,Fits,(Bol,Cylinder,in,Kleenex,Canister,Tissue,Cover,Holder

Tissue Cylinder Cover Special price for a limited Max 41% OFF time Holder Fits Tubes Kleenex Bol in Canister

Tissue Cylinder Cover Holder Fits Kleenex Canister Tubes in (Bol


Tissue Cylinder Cover Holder Fits Kleenex Canister Tubes in (Bol

Product description

Color:Bolivian Rosewood


Use this gorgeous one of a kind wood Perfect Fit tissue box covers in your bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, and your car, embellishing your decor with this highly decorative and unique accent piece, while providing functional storage for your tissue. These tissue box covers are providing the finest in fashion home decor accessories. The simple style and modern design of the Perfect Fit tubes will give your home a sophisticated look. Add a great touch of classic to any home decor or automobile with the wood tissue box cover.


The inside dimensions are made so that you can simply drop the Perfect fit tissue cylinder box into the tube and then cap it with a matching top. To refill pull off the cap drop out the used cardboard sleeve and add your new Perfect Fit box. .


1 x Perfect Fit Tissue Holder Cover

Thank you from The Tissue Box Cover Store

Tissue Cylinder Cover Holder Fits Kleenex Canister Tubes in (Bol

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