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XS Sights F8 Night Sight Fast Tritium for Gorgeous Selling rankings Pistols Large

XS Sights F8 Night Sight for Pistols, Large Tritium Sight, Fast


XS Sights F8 Night Sight for Pistols, Large Tritium Sight, Fast

Product Description

Front Sight Focus

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F8 Sights are designed to be as simple as possible to drive focus to the front sight in bright and low-light settings. The wide-notch rear increases the visibility of the front sight by allowing more light around the front sight’s sides. The expanded sight gap helps shooters find the front faster when drawing from a holster and shooting while moving. The increased sight gap allows the top edges of the front sight to stand out in diminishing light levels vs. a conventional tight sight picture.

The rear uses a square notch, as eyes see sharp edges better than curves, and most sights align by leveling the top of the front sight with top of the rear sight. However, the bottom corners on a square rear notch do not matter, as they don’t aid in sight alignment. F8 rear sight corners are rounded to draw the eye's attention where needed most, the top edges.

To demonstrate the simplicity in using wide rear sight, look at each image below for 10 seconds each. Do you notice the gray/black circles in the intersections are less prominent in the right image? Wider sight gaps ease the stress on the eyes and make finding the front sight easier in low-light or when moving and shooting.

rear sight gap

With over 20 years of night sight manufacturing experience, we have learned that gunfights don’t happen in perfect light or complete darkness. They happen in between these two broad spectrums. Night sights don’t just need to glow in the dark. They need to be visible at all times.

During defensive altercations, you may experience an adrenaline rush that will cause your basic motor functions to become clumsy, fixated tunnel vision on the threat, and most likely both you and your attacker will be moving. Combat accuracy is crucial at this point, but people tend to not look at their sights when shooting in this situation (this is not point shooting). Our F8 sights ensure the big, colored, glowing front sight will be in your line of sight for a combat accurate sight picture that allows for a simple, sufficient alignment when there is insufficient time and distance between yourself and the threat day or night.

XS Sights F8 Night Sight for Pistols, Large Tritium Sight, Fast

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