Hezruy Yeah Racing 120mm Choice Desert Stage Two Lizard Internal Shock Racing,120mm,Yeah,Lizard,Hezruy,Stage,$23,Internal,Shock,Desert,nhacaithethao.net,/advocatrix743103.html,Two,Toys Games , Vehicles $23 Hezruy Yeah Racing 120mm Desert Lizard Two Stage Internal Shock Toys Games Vehicles Hezruy Yeah Racing 120mm Choice Desert Stage Two Lizard Internal Shock $23 Hezruy Yeah Racing 120mm Desert Lizard Two Stage Internal Shock Toys Games Vehicles Racing,120mm,Yeah,Lizard,Hezruy,Stage,$23,Internal,Shock,Desert,nhacaithethao.net,/advocatrix743103.html,Two,Toys Games , Vehicles

Hezruy Yeah Racing 120mm Choice Desert Stage Two Lizard Internal Shock Max 53% OFF

Hezruy Yeah Racing 120mm Desert Lizard Two Stage Internal Shock


Hezruy Yeah Racing 120mm Desert Lizard Two Stage Internal Shock

Product description

The Yeah Racing 120mm Desert Lizard Two Stage Internal Spring Shock is a great scale upgrade for your truck. This shock kit includes a full set of springs and machined pistons that will allow you to get your truck setup right, no matter how heavy your truck is.

These shocks can be setup with either a droop or a sprung configuration. A sprung setup will generate more flex and more suspension travel. A droop setup will allow your truck to sit lower and will support the weight of the truck better, but will generate less flex. Plus, the triple O-Ring sealing cartridge will help to prevent oil leaks at the shock shaft.


Machined aluminum shock bodies
Scale internal spring design
Triple o-ring cartridge

Includes additional option springs to tune the spring rate
Allows you to set up the shocks with a sprung or droop configuration
Available in multiple anodized colors to match the color scheme of your truck

Great for any truck that uses a 120mm long shock.


(2) Yeah Racing 120mm Desert Lizard Two Stage Internal Spring Damper

(16) Springs (including installed springs)

(6) Long
(4) Medium
(4) Short

(8) Pistons (including installed pistons)
Mounting Hardware Pack
NOTE: The pre-installed spring combo is for heavy rigs. Yeah Racing recommends experimenting with different spring combinations to find what works best with your rig weight and tire combination.

Hezruy Yeah Racing 120mm Desert Lizard Two Stage Internal Shock

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