$0,Indoor,Home,/Lunel589437.html,Wireless,WiFi,JOOAN,Security,Camera,1080P,Camera,nhacaithethao.net,Electronics , Camera Photo,IP $0 JOOAN 1080P Wireless Security Camera Home WiFi IP Camera Indoor Electronics Camera Photo $0 JOOAN 1080P Wireless Security Camera Home WiFi IP Camera Indoor Electronics Camera Photo $0,Indoor,Home,/Lunel589437.html,Wireless,WiFi,JOOAN,Security,Camera,1080P,Camera,nhacaithethao.net,Electronics , Camera Photo,IP JOOAN 1080P Wireless Security Lowest price challenge Camera WiFi Indoor Home IP JOOAN 1080P Wireless Security Lowest price challenge Camera WiFi Indoor Home IP

JOOAN 1080P Wireless Special sale item Security Lowest price challenge Camera WiFi Indoor Home IP

JOOAN 1080P Wireless Security Camera Home WiFi IP Camera Indoor


JOOAN 1080P Wireless Security Camera Home WiFi IP Camera Indoor

Product Description

Home Wireless IP Camera


Quick Instruction of Features

  • 1080P HD: You can see crystal clear images with this high resolution home camera (1920*1080).
  • WIFI: Support reliable 2.4G WiFi connection, easy installation amp; operation, no need any complex setting and operation.
  • Pan/Tilt: Wider view angle, horizontal rotation 355°, vertical rotation 100°, freely visual with the control via phone screen.
  • Motion Detection: Auto detect the motive things and push message to your phone.
  • Dayamp;Night Vision: Up to 30ft in the dark, with 6 automatic infrared lights, never miss out on any moment.
  • Two-way Audio: With this function, you may hear and talk to your home anytime anywhere.
  • P2P: P2P cloud monitor, support phone (Android amp; ISO system)and computer monitor, transfer quickly and clearly.
  • SD Card: This security camera supports max 64GB micro SD card (Not included in box), can loop record.
  • Support Ethernet: When the wifi signal is unstable, you may choose a wired connection.
  • Cloud Login: One key to real-time view, freely one key to adjust.

Important Tips for WiFi Connection:

  • The web camera works with 2.4Ghz WiFi ONLY, 5GHz WiFi is NOT supported!
  • Your Wi-Fi name and Password should be only numbers and letters, can't include special characters.
  • This camera is NOT battery camera, the power supply comes with camera MUST be connected all the time.
  • If you have problem with Wi-Fi connection, please try to connect by Ethernet to finish Wi-Fi configuration.

JOOAN 1080P Wireless Security Camera Home WiFi IP Camera Indoor


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