SONGMICS Rustic Vertical Dresser Storage Tower Same day shipping Drawer Industri SONGMICS Rustic Vertical Dresser Storage Tower Same day shipping Drawer Industri $46,Tower,,Storage,Dresser,SONGMICS,/Acnida575246.html,Vertical,,Industri,Rustic,Drawer,,Home Kitchen , Furniture $46,Tower,,Storage,Dresser,SONGMICS,/Acnida575246.html,Vertical,,Industri,Rustic,Drawer,,Home Kitchen , Furniture $46 SONGMICS Rustic Vertical Dresser Drawer, Storage Tower, Industri Home Kitchen Furniture $46 SONGMICS Rustic Vertical Dresser Drawer, Storage Tower, Industri Home Kitchen Furniture

Direct store SONGMICS Rustic Vertical Dresser Storage Tower Same day shipping Drawer Industri

SONGMICS Rustic Vertical Dresser Drawer, Storage Tower, Industri


SONGMICS Rustic Vertical Dresser Drawer, Storage Tower, Industri

Product Description


Attention to Detail: Don't worry if you have kids since the design of this fabric drawer dresser is friendly to young ones. The anti-tip kit included provides a safe environment for your family, and fabric drawers won't pinch hands if little guys want to organize their clothing in drawers on their own.

Hassle-Free Assembly: With a simple structure and assembly tools provided, you won’t need to spend your entire Sunday afternoon figuring out how to put it together. Simply follow the straightforward instructions, and you’ll have the storage unit nestled into its new home before you know it.


  • Color: Rustic Brown, Black
  • Material: MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard), Metal Frame, Suede Fabric Front, Non-Woven Fabric, Oxford Fabric Bottom
  • Product Size: 31.5”L x 11.8”W x 32.1”H (80 x 30 x 81.5 cm)
  • Product Weight: 22.4 lb (10.2 kg)
  • Max. Static Load Capacity of the Tabletop: 33 lb (15 kg)
  • Max. Static Load Capacity of Each Drawer: 6.6 lb (3 kg)

Package Contents:

  • 1 x Dresser
  • 16 x Blank Label
  • 1 x Allen Key
  • 1 x Accessory Kit
  • 1 x Instructions


  • Do not put overweight items in the drawers.
  • Do not wash the drawers. Clean with a wet cloth.
  • There may be a smell of "new" when first opening the package; please air the product out in a well-ventilated place for a few hours.
  • Attach the product to the wall with the anti-tip kit included for safe use.

SONGMICS Rustic Vertical Dresser Drawer, Storage Tower, Industri

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