Sturgis Motorcycle San Antonio Mall Back Roll Bag Reflec Night Trunk Touring Pack $35 Sturgis Motorcycle Back Roll Bag Touring Trunk Pack Night Reflec Automotive Motorcycle Powersports $35 Sturgis Motorcycle Back Roll Bag Touring Trunk Pack Night Reflec Automotive Motorcycle Powersports Roll,Trunk,Pack,/Acnida574946.html,$35,Bag,Touring,Back,Sturgis,Night,Motorcycle,,Reflec,Automotive , Motorcycle Powersports Sturgis Motorcycle San Antonio Mall Back Roll Bag Reflec Night Trunk Touring Pack Roll,Trunk,Pack,/Acnida574946.html,$35,Bag,Touring,Back,Sturgis,Night,Motorcycle,,Reflec,Automotive , Motorcycle Powersports

Sturgis Motorcycle NEW before selling ☆ San Antonio Mall Back Roll Bag Reflec Night Trunk Touring Pack

Sturgis Motorcycle Back Roll Bag Touring Trunk Pack Night Reflec


Sturgis Motorcycle Back Roll Bag Touring Trunk Pack Night Reflec

Product description

Motorcycle Back Roll Bag Touring Trunk pack Night reflective size 18x 9 INCHES

Black Cordura Material that is water Resistant.
Pockets on Both ends,
zippered opening,
straps to mount on multiple angles and lotaions on bike.
Reflctive Stripe for not visibility.

Size is 18 inches by 9 inches

Please see pictures for details


Sturgis Motorcycle Back Roll Bag Touring Trunk Pack Night Reflec

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