Curtain,Shower,/Acnida514246.html,Aluminum,Naiture,Straight,Rod,,,Ru,$56,Double,Home Kitchen , Bath,48'',Oil Naiture 48'' Aluminum Double Straight Curtain Max 68% OFF Ru Oil Shower Rod $56 Naiture 48'' Aluminum Double Straight Shower Curtain Rod, Oil Ru Home Kitchen Bath $56 Naiture 48'' Aluminum Double Straight Shower Curtain Rod, Oil Ru Home Kitchen Bath Curtain,Shower,/Acnida514246.html,Aluminum,Naiture,Straight,Rod,,,Ru,$56,Double,Home Kitchen , Bath,48'',Oil Naiture 48'' Aluminum Double Straight Curtain Max 68% OFF Ru Oil Shower Rod

Naiture 48'' Aluminum Double Straight Curtain Max 68% OFF Ru Oil Shower Recommended Rod

Naiture 48'' Aluminum Double Straight Shower Curtain Rod, Oil Ru


Naiture 48'' Aluminum Double Straight Shower Curtain Rod, Oil Ru

Product Description

Naiture Home Store is a home garden and home improvement supplier. Naiture is a word made up of i and nature, which stresses i (human) live in nature. Our aim is to facilitate our customers’ enjoyment of home by providing natural, healthy home decor products. At present we provide Shower Curtain Rod, Shower Drain, Shelf Brackets, Floor and Wall Registers, Bath Shelves, Mailbox and more, with even more product lines being added in the near future.

Grand View of Double Swivel Straight Shower Curtain Rod in Bathroom

double straight shower rod with double swivel flanges/brackets and internal hex socket set screws

Double Straight Shower Curtain Rod with Double Swivel Flanges

Enjoy double straight shower curtain rod in your bathroom, it will make your bathroom looks more elegant. This rod's double-rail design allows you to use one rod for a liner or curtain, and the other for hanging towels and washcloths to dry after a shower, keeping them fresh and creating extra storage that's easily within reach.

  • Material: Aluminum
  • Size: 48"
  • Rod Diameter:1" OD
  • Metal Thickness: 1.2mm
  • Distance between rods: 2-3/8"
  • Includes swivel double brackets/flanges with internal hex socket set screw, wall anchors and mounting screws.
  • Rod can be cut to desired length.
  • Flanges are plated die-cast metal, and it covers 4-3/4''W x 1-7/8''H at wall.

Components of Double Swivel Straight Shower Curtain Rod

aluminum double straight shower rod with double swivel flanges/brackets in oil rubbed bronze

The Double Swivel Straight Shower Curtain Rod Comes With

  1. Two pieces of 48'' rod.
  2. Double brackets/flanges with 4 internal hex socket set screws.
  3. One Allen wrench/key.
  4. 8 long screws and 8 anchors.
shower curtain rod with zinc alloy double swivel flange/bracket and internal hex socket set screws

Double Swivel Flanges with Set Screws

  • Stylish craft double swivel flanges was well made of strength zinc alloy. It can be maximally swivelled to 180 degrees and used for corners or the walls that are not parallel.
  • The flanges further have set screws to hold rod tightly inside, and the set screws are heavy-duty and concealed in the screw holes. Including Allen wrench for tightening set screws to make the sturdy rod fits snugly into the flanges.
shower curtain rod with zinc alloy double swivel flange/bracket and internal hex socket set screws

aluminum double straight shower rod with double swivel flanges/brackets in oil rubbed bronze

Naiture 48'' Aluminum Double Straight Shower Curtain Rod, Oil Ru

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To help offset environmentally impactful practice linked to the building industry, waste material projects and technologies, like upcycling, are being implemented to return used materials into products with commercial value.

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